General Criminal Law

We have experience in dealing with every category of felony charges in the State of Washington. In the State of Washington, felony charges are divided into three classifications. Class A Felonies have a maximum statutory penalty of life imprisonment, or death in aggravated murder charges, and a $50,000 fine. Class B Felonies have a maximum statutory penalty of ten (10) years in prison and a $20,000 fine. Class C Felonies have a maximum statutory penalty of five (5) years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

In the State of Washington, gross misdemeanor offenses carry a sentence of 0-364 days in custody, and a maximum fine of $5,000, plus court costs, if there is a conviction. Simple misdemeanors have a sentencing range of 0-90 days in custody, and a maximum fine of $1,000, plus court costs, if there is a conviction. We are experienced in representing defendants charged with all different types of gross misdemeanors and misdemeanor offenses in the State of Washington.

Felony charges are litigated in Superior Court. Misdemeanor charges are primarily litigated in District or Municipal Court. Although we primarily practice in Cowlitz Superior and District Court, located in Kelso, WA, our firm has experience with defending crimes in other counties, including Wahkiakum County, located in Cathlamet, WA, Clark County, located in Vancouver WA, and Lewis County, located in Chehalis WA.

Below you will find a non-exclusive list of the some of the types of cases that we have defended in the past:


When a life ends, the charges can range from Murder 1 to Manslaughter 2


Assault, with a few exceptions, is an intentional act that is harmful or offensive to another person or causes apprehension of harm or offense. Acts that can constitute assault can range from a simple push or spitting on someone to shooting another person. Depending on the alleged action or the resulting harm, assault can range from assault in the first degree to assault in the fourth degree, which correspond to statutory rankings from a class “A” felony to a gross misdemeanor. It is important to be aware that with regard to assault charges in the State of Washington, the law provides that in the event that a person successfully defends against any such charge in court, and a jury finds that the defendant was acting in his or her self-defense or defense of others or of the defendant’s property, the defendant is entitled to reimbursement from the State of Washington for all expenses and costs incurred in the defense of that prosecution, which can include all attorney’s fees, lost wages, and any other cost incurred as a result of the need to defend against such a charge.

Sex Offenses

Defending against allegations of a sexual crime is critically important due to both the stigma these offenses can place upon a person and the severe punishment that can result if convicted. If convicted of a sex offense a person can be subject, depending on the charge, to a possible life sentence, lifetime registration as a sex offender and lifetime probation by the Washington State Department of Corrections. If you are alleged to have committed a sex offense it is important to have a guide and advocate who can explain your defense to a jury and the possible ramifications of the offense to you.

Drug Offenses

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Driving under the Influence of Intoxicants

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Theft Offenses

Theft is mainly charged when a person is alleged to have wrongfully obtained or exerted unauthorized control over property of another with the intent to deprive the true owner of the property. These allegations can be as simple as an allegation of shoplifting and can be as complicated as an allegation that an employee stole money from a business over long periods of time.